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Rumours that Gossip Girl’s Lily and Rufus might actually be dating IRL has sent the world wild. Kelly Rutherford and Matt Settle have been teasing Instagram followers with loved up snaps of the pair hanging out, and it seems like the teasing might actually mean something is going on. They were the hopelessly romantic couple who’d had a fling in their early twenties and fallen hopelessly in love, but it hadn’t been enough to keep them together.

House and vehicle break-ins occur, including against expatriates.

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I am full of contradictory desires, wanting to be my own self, whatever that may be, but also wanting to meet South Korean society’s standards on what a proper woman should be.

This time the tables have turned, and it’s *men* who are being victimised by *women*, in a peculiar twist on traditional webcam extortion.

A report drawn up by the Republic of Ireland’s customs authority has ruled out an open customs border with the North – effectively pouring cold water on UK plans for the frontier.