Adult dating in maine

Of course, just because increasing numbers of men and women are finding themselves single, it doesn’t mean that they wish to stay that way.

John Gottman, my favorite relationship researcher, points out that fighting is a predictor of divorce! No, most marital arguments can’t be fully resolved (69% of them aren’t resolved according to Gottman).

This leaves our members free to focus their valuable down-time on the meaning that if you are currently single, you’re in good company!

One reason for this could be that the demands of modern life don’t leave much time to look for love: with the typical US work week now at 47 hours or more, singles who want to get a toe on the professional ladder are finding their leisure time is at a premium.

Yoga and meditation enable you to be less reactive to stressful situations. What is critical for the long-term health of a relationship is the .

When I go to yoga regularly, I am a much better partner as I am calmer and kinder. No recovery can lead to resentment and further anger.

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