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Finally, studies show that age can dull the ability to spot warning signs that are obvious to younger people.

A possible explanation for that: "Compared to other age groups," Wood says, "older adults tend to have a more positive outlook." Sid Kirchheimer is the author of Scam-Proof Your Life, published by AARP Books/Sterling.

There are three common explanations for this disproportionate vulnerability: memory loss, loneliness and a supposedly more trusting nature.

population but as many as a third of all scam victims.

But studies find that many older people are in fact better at detecting lies than younger folks.

Still, older people "tend to be more patriotic and more religious," says neuropsychologist Stacey Wood of Scripps College, traits which the bad guys can sometimes exploit.

"And in many scams — telemarketing, fake lotteries — you have to 'act now!

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" or "We agreed on this price." Your defense is to write everything down.The optimal dating method is still none other than online dating, with more “traditional” dating websites still holding onto their reins as the prime way of finding love.So, what are the primal facts you should know about online dating?Finding a suitable date who matches your expectations can be quite fussy.Nowadays everyone is crazed over the popular images of teen idols and sexy stars, while being oblivious about the simple but genuinely interesting individuals like you.

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