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spoke with some of the competitors as they got ready. Laurie "Freak Diesel" Green, 32 How did you get into competitive fitness? There are some rough parts and some great parts and I’m here to share them all! Hunger does strange things to someone’s mood, especially when we go out to eat or pass by a bakery.He could be totally fine, carrying on a conversation with no problems, then out of the blue he starts grumbling and cursing under his breath because he saw someone eating a piece of pizza.

Most of the time he carries around a bag full of Tupperware so he never misses meal time. His body is his temple and he treats it as such which delivers amazing result regarding his physique.It's also my responsibility to be there for him and to push him through his hard times when he wants to give up.Having a good support system can make or break a bodybuilder so I have to excel in this responsibility. The doctors told me I have a weak heart and I'd never be able to exercise because they were worried about my heart rate getting up. When you look back at the person you were, what would you say to her? When I have long trials, I crush my rice and chicken into little balls and keep it in my briefcase and just pop it in my mouth when I need it. In the summertime when I wear my blouses, they say, "Oh my god, Terri, you look so big." But it's not negative.

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