Christian dating guidelines for teenagers

I am opposed to teens exclusively dating before a marriageable age with a purpose other than serious marriage discernment. It’s not that all of those boys were monsters (although a couple were mighty strange) but rather that I did not have the time and the freedom to develop purpose and confidence outside of a relationship.

I would gladly trade every positive moment with my teen boyfriends to have those years back as my own.

I had to learn how to relate to him in a healthy and Christ-centered way and it was a painful but fruitful period of intense personal growth.

Once we were married, the graces of the sacrament blew the doors of grace and freedom wide open. I have a high opinion of many of these youngsters but I also know the weakness of youth and the emptiness of our cultural dating practices.

Recommended Reading: For those with dating teens, I highly recommend a small book called by Anthony Buono.

It is written clearly in manageable chapters and is a good barometer for evaluating dating readiness.

So he chooses it for himself in spite of his healthy appreciation for the feminine person. During a good talk we had on the subject, my son did some thinking out loud…

Melody is a Catholic mama joyfully seeking truth, sanctity and a clean kitchen amidst the hustle and bustle of her full house. A happy wife and homeschooling mother of seven, she is devoted to her vocation while finding bits of time for a few happy distractions. How does a Catholic homeschooling mother manage faith, family, education, creative pursuits, fitness and fellowship? We started dating when I was seventeen and we were engaged when I was eighteen.Seventeen years later with seven children, we are happy and thriving, so I need to clarify what I mean when I say that I am opposed to teenagers dating…

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