Cinderella dating

Men would come and go, drifting toward me and away, and sometimes closer and closer until we were dancing with our hips together.

I felt the heat of their breaths upon my skin and the beads of sweat on the back of their necks as I ran my hands along their spines and floated up into a kiss.

Once I was living as female, but before sex change surgery, my dreams were bounded by what I came to identify as the Cinderella Syndrome.

I loved to go dancing, since on the dancefloor I could sink into the beat and movement around me.

He lived in the same student housing and had seen me coming and going through the courtyard.

He had the opportunity to come check out the Netherlands and thought he'd take the adventure north to broaden his mind. And, it turns out, he had been waiting to talk to me for weeks.

But I always dreaded what I sought most: a moment of intimacy.

At that point my coach would turn back into a pumpkin and my gown would disappear in an instant.

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