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It was advertised that the game was to be fifteen-a-side, but it turned out to be a ten-a-side game 'which resulted in an easy victory for the Fire Brigade, they winning the two first goals out of three.'"What did cause us concern was the fact that we could not find any record to matches played between 18, but we also found no record of any football being played at that time in the newspaper. Welshpool were striving for an equaliser, when just 1v0 down, fifteen minutes before the end. Jones and pushed through to Nicholls, who crashed in a terrific drive which gave Guppy, in the visiting goal, little chance of saving.

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Evan Morris went on to state: "Your worthy Chairman has spoken of me as President of the football club at Wrexham, which has existed for 15 years. She is understandably very proud of the continued support given by Josh to his grandfather's idea, which of couse had its original seeds with Newtown White Stars in the late 1870s. Griffiths was at his best with strong, piercing runs which were a source of trouble to the visitors. But some of the players prefer to play for clubs outside the town or not play at all.

Members of Wrexham Supporters Trust voted last week on the facts put before them as recognising that Wrexham Football Club were actually formed in 1864, and to change year on the club badge accordingly.

Supporters Trust Chairman Peter Jones said: "The information came to light following the local newspaper of its time, the 'Wrexham Advertiser' being put on line, and thus allowing 'one word' searches, thus eliminating the needle in the haystack process of looking through the newspaper's microfilm reels at the local studies centre.

The name 'White Stars' is historic dating back to the 1870's - a report in the Montgomeryshire Express in July 1879, talks of how the team won the North Wales Challenge Cup. Under the circumstances, what can one expect the committee of the club already faced with the task of reducing a considerable debt to do?

The team was set up by an Edward Gittins - a blacksmith from Coedyffridd and the name seems to derive from the fact that the team was made up of mostly working class men who simply couldn't afford a football strip. Thus it came as no surprise to many who know the real position that the committee intimated that the club would not run a team this season, but would concentrate their efforts on reducing the debt of the club still further. Bryan Orritt (Reserve) Standing by today as the Welsh Reserve is Bryan Orritt who hails from a small quarry village named Cwmyglo, Near Caernarvon.

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