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Pepper thought the network had cut to commercial when the comment was uttered, but it was actually still broadcasting live.Some players and fans were upset by this and Pepper quickly apologized for her "poor choice of words".With the great fortune of being paired with Michael Chang, who had recently retired from the ATP tour, I asked him when he knew it was time to face what has been termed by some as the "first death of an athlete" -- retirement from competition -- since I had already gone through one shoulder surgery and faced the likelihood of another.His answer came quickly."When I was spending more time rehabbing than getting better at my game," he said about his sport, his profession and his life, having won 34 top-level professional events and one Grand Slam title.Life became more well-rounded, but my competitive fire was not raging.I needed to play a little bit angry, and that just wasn't there anymore.In July 2004 she announced that she would retire at the end of the season.In 2005, she began work as a golf commentator for NBC and The Golf Channel, reporting on both men's and women's events.

Chang's simple answer gave me an enormous amount of freedom and peace.His statement allowed me to take an honest look at where not only my body was, but how I spent my practice, fitness and rehab time.Maybe even more so, I could see where my brain and heart were at in this equation.For Tiger, multiple surgeries dating back to 1994 -- some of them major -- have taken their toll.He is no longer capable of dominating a field with length and power the way he could in the past.

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