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Released in the summer of 1904, Kürten was drafted into the German Army; he was deployed to the Alsatian city of Metz to serve in the 98th Infantry Regiment, although he soon deserted.

That autumn, Kürten began committing acts of arson, which he would discreetly watch from a distance as emergency services attempted to extinguish the fires.

In response, Kürten resorted to acts of bestiality with the sheep, pigs and goats in local stables to achieve satisfaction, but later claimed he obtained his greatest sense of elation if he actually stabbed these animals just prior to his achieving orgasm.

Thus, he began stabbing and slashing animals with increasing frequency to achieve orgasm, although he was adamant this behaviour ended when he was observed stabbing a pig.

Peter Kürten was born into a poverty-stricken, abusive family in Mülheim am Rhein on , the third of thirteen children (two of whom died at an early age).

Kürten's parents were both alcoholics who lived in a one-bedroom apartment, the relationship between his parents was marred by the domestic violence Kürten's father would inflict upon both his wife and children, particularly when he was drunk.

Kürten became known as The Vampire of Düsseldorf as he occasionally made attempts to drink the blood from his victims' wounds, and the Düsseldorf Monster both because the majority of his murders were committed in and around the city of Düsseldorf, and the savagery he inflicted upon his victims' bodies.

Being the eldest surviving son, Kürten was the target of much of his father's physical abuse.

Although he was a good scholar, he would later recollect his academic performance suffered due to the extensive physical violence he endured from his father. From an early age, Kürten frequently ran away from home for periods of time ranging from days to weeks.

He would later claim to investigators and psychologists this period of incarceration was that in which he first encountered severe forms of discipline, and as such, the erotic fantasies he had earlier developed while incarcerated in Derendorf expanded to include graphic fantasies of his striking out at society and killing masses of people; these fantasies became ever more paramount and overbearing in his mind, and Kürten would later claim that he derived the "sort of pleasures from these visions that other people would get from thinking about a naked woman","It was on .

I had been stealing, specialising in public bars or inns where the owners lived on the floor above.

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