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The LGBTQ community has been fighting for their rights and trying to gain acceptance in society for many decades. Kramer describes, "(In the past) when gays had long-term relationships, they hid their relationships so they would not experience rejection from their families and friends.

This struggle has affected long-term relationships. Often, life partners were presented to families and friends as their roommates or friends, without going into the nature of the relationship." Scott A.

Also, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) remain a concern for all populations.

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This creates a social stigma on couples and added stress, as well as life partners not being able to be recognized as an equal partner.

"A person who is HIV positive can take Truvada as part of his regimen and decrease his viral load to almost zero so he does not infect his partner.

Also, men who are HIV negative can take Truvada and it will help prevent acquiring HIV.

However, there are many influences on homosexual relationships that do not exist with as much force in heterosexual relationships.

Conversely, there are issues in heterosexual relationships that do not exist in same-sex relationships.

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