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So in this article I’ll help you handle those awkward relationship questions head on without ducking in fear.That’s right; I’m opening up with the biggest question of all--the engagement question. Um…” Still, the question of when to put a ring on it WILL be asked and most likely at inappropriate times.As the most romantic holiday of the year approaches, couples across the country are secretly worrying about how to deal with relationship questions.

From the protocol on hugging, to knowing if your partner is happy – men have answered the niggling questions that women have about them.This question is something that was the underlying idea for every episode of Sex in The City. ” is like asking someone, “Why don’t you have a six-pack? ” All of which are completely improper and inappropriate questions. To the single people out there, band together and start a revolution of sarcasm and wit to fight back. One, you can be serious; “The reason I am single is because I haven’t found the right person and don’t really enjoy being grilled about it. As well, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @Manners QDT.It’s not a question for positive conversation; it’s a rude question. And of course, check back next week for more Modern Manners Guy tips.I say this because here’s the answer women: every guy knows when he will ask.They may not know the exact day, the exact way, or how they’ll pay for it--but every man does know if and when he’ll propose.

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