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It’s a much better basis for a relationship than having a five-minute romance for the camera.” Future Bachelors, take note.

's Sam Poueu and Stephanie Anderson aren't getting the happy ending they wanted.

But dig a little deeper and you’ll see that both Loser and Dancing are so steeped in science-of-attraction secrets they should be reclassified as dating shows. ) season of fraught romance and heartbreak, we’d like to offer its star, winemaker Ben Flajnik, a few tips gleaned from far more love-inducing shows. These tips work just as well in real life as they do in “reality,” so here’s why you should schedule that work-out or dancing date now: , the competing couples are forced to spend hours every week connecting physically — and eyeball-to-eyeball.

Dozens of studies have backed up the value in what’s scientifically called “eye gazing”: Subjects instructed to spend time looking directly at each other like each other more, even if they don’t know each other.

Jessica and Ramon Become Latest MCLEOD with a few .

On Studies have shown that busting a move itself is a form of mating behavior.

"Just from the experience of her being my caretaker post-accident, it was a dead giveaway that she'd be a fantastic mother," the 27-year-old trainer told Us.

"That was an early sign for me that our child is going to have the best mother ever." VIDEO: The couple tell Us about Sam's accident "Sam has been wonderful," Anderson told Us at the time of the pregnancy announcement.

“You feel each other, you smell each other, and sometimes you’re so close you can taste each other,” says Garcia.

“And you’re moving to a rhythm together.” Despite all the evidence to the contrary in the deodorant aisle, sweat is “one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs we know,” Garcia says.

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