Romanians dating in uk

"If they do go, they'll go in March or April when the weather is better.And they won't head only to Britain - there are now seven or eight other countries that are open to Romanians.“Paris would be my ideal destination, or maybe Milan.” “Even with all the political problems we have, we manage,” said Daniel Roman, a public relations consultant, as he celebrated New Year’s Eve with a beer in a Bucharest pub.“We’ve been invaded and occupied by the Turks, the Austro-Hungarians and the Russians, and we adapted to them all. I don’t think many people want to go to Britain or France or Germany.This awful "documentary" make a deliberate confusion between ROMANIANS and gypsies.In another EU countries(ROMANIA is EU member since 2007) most of Romanians who works there have highly intellectual qualified :doctors(we have a niece who is head of department, neurology specialist at a hospital in Leipzig!!! but also skilled workers..have now a new president , elected from the German minority of ROMANIA, Mr. ROMANIA is the seventh EU country as population, as well as one of the leading NATO members in Europe.“Many Romanians will want to move to Britain but I don’t think it will be a big exodus.It is a good place to earn money but to raise a family you need to be where your roots are. Britain will never be home to them.” There were few signs of a mass exodus to the UK on the first day of the new year – partly because it is a time to spend with family and friends, but also because tens of thousands of Romanians have already made the move since their country joined the EU in 2007.

"I'd quite like to move there but for now it's just a holiday," she said.Nor will the Romanian government offer an opinion of how many of its citizens might leave."We don't have estimates, you don't have estimates.Bucharest’s Gara de Nord train station, from where trains leave for Vienna and Budapest for onward connections to London, was almost deserted.“It’s a lot quieter than normal,” said a member of staff at the ticket counter for international routes.

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