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” City officials, including Sam Dodge, the mayor’s point man on homelessness, say violence and drug addiction have been growing concerns about the campers on Division, and many campers also worry.

“If we want to be serious about tackling the issue, it’s going to mean spending a ton more,” he said.

He said few things are more crucial to tackling homelessness than having a system that tracks people through every aspect of service and that such a system has helped New Orleans, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Phoenix and the state of Virginia make great progress.

“You have to treat the sickest homeless people first, because they use the most resources, and the only way to do that is to know exactly who and where they are and what has worked or hasn’t in each case,” Bamberger said.

more Last month, Supervisor Aaron Peskin called 911 because a homeless man, naked from the waist down and his legs smeared in feces, was standing on the Filbert Steps on Telegraph Hill, screaming obscenities and blocking the path of passersby.

Currently, there’s no way for the police officer who responded or a doctor at San Francisco General Hospital to easily learn much about the man’s service profile, such as stints in rehab, which city-funded nonprofits might have tried to help him, if he receives food and shelter, or if he gets government benefits.

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