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That could take some hard work and time, and to quote John Gray: My name is Mio and I work as a Registered Psychotherapist in downtown Toronto.

If you are looking to make changes in your life or relationship, I strive to provide the attention, empathy, and compassion required to navigate the maze of growth and self-discovery.

On this Valentine’s Day, the work of Eli Finkel, a social psychologist with Northwestern University, piqued my interest.

(I’m sure his work gets a lot of interest at this time of year!

Moreover, if you come to that first meeting with all sorts of expectations, you are already creating a disconnect between the two of you.

Not only is the chance for disappointment greater, but your eagerness may come across aggressively to him.

He'll ask you to share the same about yourself, and you'll start building a solid foundation of positive experience that can lead to a truly connected relationship.

This can and will save you so much time, energy, and confusion.My work lies in my understanding that every person is a unique individual with a valuable perspective and I have been interviewed by Maclean's magazine to speak to the importance of maintaining healthy relationships.If you are seeking a new level of personal growth and understanding, I may be able to help by identifying your strengths while uncovering the nature of your challenges and concerns.As a result of reading through some of Finkel’s findings, it’s my thinking that the online dating sites can provide more opportunities to meet potential matches than every before, but there is still no scientific methodology to accurately predict the “right” love match.It still comes down to the good ol’ “get to know you” approach.

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