Vmware snapshots not consolidating ts dating photos

You can wait for VMWare or you can try it out on your own but follow this KB to determine if your snapshot is live: " Hi Arizona Geek Thanks for the reply, sorry for the delay - I've been on other sites.If the files are not active, as mine were not, you are safe to delete the snapshot files. Whatever you use make sure you keep a log of what you did so next time you won't have to wait for support. I'd already done everything from the 1st link, that 2nd link looks really good though - I'm gonna run thru that tomorrow.I have been attempting to consolidate it without having any luck so far. First I tried to consolidate from snapshot manager and I got an error about locked files ("Unable to access file since it is locked.").Viewing the vm folder containing this VM on my San and I can see a lot of delta vmdk files, and a lot of ctk vmdk files.The cloning proces can take some time depending on the disk size, storage speed, LAN/SAN speed, etc. Run the machine (you will have no space issue as now the disk with snapshot is unattached and not in use). Later on you can remove old drive files (description files and extents).This morning in v Center one of my VM's was flagged with a warning that it needed consolidating.Don't get much VMware support - apart from the forums - right now I'm wishing I did, but hopefully that adminsys link will do it. Hi Again Just to say that adminsys site sorted me out.First I shut all the vm's down and restarted the host - no joy.

I have a VM that seems to be working ok, but when VMWare DR (or I) tries to create a snap shot, it fails, and when I view the summary page of the VM it has a warning at the top showing that the disks need to be consolidated. Now you can use the consolidate option in v Sphere Web Client to consolidate the last delta while the VM is already running.

All other mentions of vmare and locked files seem to be talking about vm's that don't turn on - in this case the vm is running and seems to be fine (I installed 4 windows updates this morning and restarted before I realised it had a VMware error). I worked with support to determine whether the snapshots were actually being used or not.

In my case they were not and we were able to use the command line to remove the snapshots.

The problem begins when you are scarse on space on your datastore and the differential disk begins to grow.

That can lead the the sitaution when there is no more space for the redo log and the machine becomes suspended.

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