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Stewart Home, MC for the night, introduced writers Jarett Kobek and Katrina Palmer who both read excerpts from their respective contributions to the series.

For example, the second set — books three and four — by Mark Waugh and Jana Leo were both unnerving and explicit in very contrasting ways.

For , Home has taken as the book’s template the unending barrage of spam emails he receives on a daily basis, but has inserted the names of female artists, both alive and dead, in the appropriate places.

Home didn’t read from , but instead recited a few ‘key’ one-liners from the back section of the book headed ‘An Index of Abandoned Material’, a list of subverted spam email subject headings. ’), and the sinister (‘Let Christine Borland Choose Between A Rock and A Hard DICK!

When I was a student I worked part-time at the local branch (if that’s the correct use of the noun) of Ann Summers. Ann Summers then was considered, in the eyes of the law, as part of the porn industry.

It was my job to spend all day in the tiny back room, putting kinky underwear on hangers and putting price stickers on a wide variety of dildos and vibrators.

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