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Someone, she suspects, had slipped a drug into her rum drink. “I would never wish what happened to me to happen to anyone.” The poll defined sexual assault to include five types of unwanted contact: forced touching of a sexual nature, oral sex, vaginal sexual intercourse, anal sex and sexual penetration with a finger or object.“In the morning, I woke up and my lip was so swollen,” the woman said. After they were read this definition, 5 percent of men and 20 percent of women said they had been sexually assaulted in college.She said she worried about whether she would ruin the man’s future and wondered what to make of what had happened: Had there been a misunderstanding? The date rapist — someone who ignored a “no” or never sought a “yes” — contrasted with the stereotype of the rapist as a predator lurking in the dark.

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Survivors are pressing colleges for some measure of justice, such as expulsion, even when offenses are not reported to police.The findings illuminate the difficulty colleges face in preventing violence that is widespread but rarely reported to authorities.Cases that do land on the dean’s desk or in the criminal justice system raise what often proves a vexing question: Did both people involved agree to have sex?About the project: The Washington Post and the Henry J.Kaiser Family Foundation teamed up to poll more than 1,000 people nationwide who have attended college within the past four years about sexual assault and campus culture.

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