Wpf binding not updating when source changes

Each update of the target value will be done only after this delay and only if none has been done since. The delay is defined in milliseconds and the default value of ‘0’ reproduce the classic behavior of a Binding.

Here is an example of a binding which sets a delay of 500 milliseconds: The master/detail scenarii are the one where it can be the most useful for me so I have create a demo project to reproduce it.

For example on our WPF Input controls here is how the Value property is declared: .

Lost Focus that specifies the update is performed when the input control has lost focus.

Here is the XAML for the demo app’s main Window contents: Here is the entire Update Threshold Converter class: The Update Threshold property represents the number of milliseconds which must elapse between successful attempts to push a new value from the binding source to target.

Returning from the Convert method informs the binding system that no values should be updated, leaving the attempt to transfer data as a no-op.

This is more precise and understandable to me to say that a ‘Delay’ property has been added to the Binding markup extension !This is also default behavior for system text box Text property. NET Developer Group a few days ago, someone in the audience asked a question about the data binding system which piqued my interest.It has a public property named Current, which returns a random number. When the value changes, the Property Changed event is raised so that the binding system will attempt to push that new value into a Text Block in the UI.The Text Block’s Text property is bound to the Current property on the Random Number Engine, and that binding is where we use the Update Threshold Converter to govern how often the data is pushed.

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