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Ideally we'll have to find a way to decrypt the files or else people are not going to get them back.'The ransomware targets computers using the Windows XP operating system which have not installed the latest security updates released by Microsoft.

Experts fear that could mean major infrastructure such as healthcare systems and power networks using archaic technology will be the worst affected.

But cyber security experts have warned that this time the virus is much more dangerous because it has no 'kill switch' and is designed to spread rapidly though networks.

Marcus Hutchins, who foiled the previous Wanna Cry attack by discovering a way to stop it from infecting new computers, told Mail Online that even if users pay the fee their files could now be lost forever.

Hackers have unleashed a major cyber attack causing huge disruption to companies and governments across the globe including in the UK, US and Russia.

The Petya ransomware hijacks victims' computers before encrypting their files and holding them hostage until a fee is paid.

'They will be the locations that for some reason or another could not afford to patch in a timely manner.'Places that may have industrial controls or other critical infrastructure that can't easily be taken offline to upgrade.' Such viruses hold data to ransom, scrambling it until a payment is made, usually requesting virtual currency Bitcoin because it cannot be traced to a user.

The world is still recovering from a previous outbreak of ransomware, called Wanna Cry or Wanna Crypt, which spread rapidly using digital break-in tools originally created by the U. National Security Agency and recently leaked to the web.

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'You just have to exist there and you're vulnerable.' Others said Golden Eye appears to be exploiting the same Windows weakness used by Wanna Cry in order to spread itself rapidly.An image he uploaded shows a black screen covered in white text which warns that 'one of your disks contains errors and needs to be repaired'.The screen also warns not to turn the computer off otherwise all data will be lost.In the case of the NHS attack, the ransomware used was called Wanna Decryptor or 'Wanna Cry' Virus. The Wanna Cry virus targets Microsoft's widely used Windows operating system.The virus encrypts certain files on the computer and then blackmails the user for money in exchange for the access to the files.

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